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Battle Mech Knights


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Game Overview

Its year 3024, Humans have evolved into a broad range of bio-mechanical nano bots comprised of hundreds of years of r&d due to the outbreak of several diseases that forced such an evolution to exist in order for survival.  Earth is no longer inhabitable and has been reduced to molten nickel and iron after a multiplicity of gone wrong science experiments….


Action, Platformer, Shooter

Release Date

January 10, 2020


Nano Light Games


PC, Mac, Linux, XBox

63 Levels

You can find the scientists to save us, in the year 3024 certain rhino 9 viruses and cancers have evolved and the scientists you are seeking have the cure.  We couldn’t keep up with them anymore.  We were dropping like flies. The Interstellar R&D Corporation is blocking your way and looking for the scientists as well, will you find them before they do?

Build & Captain Your Own Ship

The next chapter to release will be able to explore different worlds and to captain your own space ship to find scientists in the galaxy to save the human race. Help us build our dreams by buying our 1st of many games if you buy any of our games you get all of them in our universe help us build and find a way to save us all.

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